Cycling On/Off Maillot BLACK

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Cycling On/Off Maillot

Technology and comfort make this product, which will get you through rough roads and steep climbs up to the finish line. The perfect compressive apparel which cycling champions will look forward to.

The Tops of the Cycling On/Off Maillot

  • Most of the benefits lie in the ultra-light On/Off fibre, of which the garment is made. While climbing, it brings you the oxygen you need whenever you need it. 
  • On the descent, the fabric has a sheathing effect: it protects you from the cold and wind so that you maintain yourself on the bike in full strength. 
  • Whether you climb or descend, the top always stays in place thanks to the silicone waistband. 
  • Your cycling shirt ensures that you maintain the best posture and that your shoulders stay aligned.
  • The neck zone is kept unstrained as the T-shirt's neck is slightly raised. The zip does not hinder movement.
  • This cycling shirt retains neither moisture nor sweat and you stay in dry even if it is very hot outside.
  • It is fitted with 6 clever pockets, easily accessible, to store gels, nutrition and phones.