Freebelt - Born to Run

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The Advantages of the Freebelt

  • With 4 compartments, you can use the storage space exactly as you wish and in line with your needs. Telephone, gels, flask, a small 250ml bottle
  • The Freebelt adapts perfectly to its contents and keeps them firmly in place.
  • Its 3D weave makes the Freebelt easy to slip on and fit to your waist – one size fits all – and the closely woven material helps your stuff sit tight from start to finish.
  • Ultra-light, you’ll even forget you’re wearing it. Invisible under a t-shirt, it also provides light support for your back
  • Made of micro-fibres and totally seamless, the Freebelt won’t cause any feeling of discomfort or chafing.
  • Empty, it’s easy to store and fits well in a pocket.