Racing Socks V2.1 Winter Bike Black

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Biking during cold periods is pleasure in these innovative socks.

  • The Tops of PRO RACING SOCKS WINTER BIKE 2.1 - the warmest cycling compression socks are born!
  • Knitted in merino wool, the socks protect your toes from colds and chills. Feet stay warm and dry.
  • The silk part of the knit helps your toe breathe during hot seasons, absorb humidity and keep your feet fresh.
  • Shock waves on muscles, joints and veins are dampened thanks to the 360° compression.
  • Multi-points massaging on the sole area activate blood circulation.
  • A plain and thicker area, with no Zebra ventilation zone on the toe piece, helps avoid heat loss while biking.
  • Foot posture optimisation and easy blood circulation are fully guaranteed.
  • The ergonomic arch-support guarantees posture alignment and perfect support and maximum grip of the socks on the feet prevents slipping.
  • High on the ankle, the socks give you a “Pro” Look.