TR3 Aero Top BLACK

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While adjusting your ventilation with the intensity of your effort, ventilation zones positioned on the shoulders evacuate body heat and sweat so you remain fresh and dry even after 8 hours of racing. A silicone interior fitted in this custom sports apparel makes this TR3 aero top a perfect shock absorber that limit vibrations and procures revitalizing micro-massages to muscles.

This top`s claim to fame lies in the quality fibres and mesh in which it is constructed: on/off, hydrophobic.

The Tops of TR3 AERO TOP: the most aerated custom sports apparel ever!

  • Made in an On/Off fibre, it breathes with you whatever be your effort. Air circulates in and out and allows a perfect balance between exterior and interior, so the body always remains at the same temperature.
  • A knit without hems guarantees light and flexible sleeves that cause no friction or pressure to the arms.
  • Ergo shaping, it guarantees postural alignment to your shoulders in order to boost breathing and improve oxygenation.
  • Its ergonomic fit suits every morphology, whatever be the effort
  • It is fitted with 6 properly structured and easily accessible pockets to help organize your nutrition, phone and tablets.
  • A V-neck collar prevents chafing and rubbing in sensitive areas.
  • Its ergonomic cut, longer behind than in front, matched with a silicone interior that helps the back remain well covered even when biking.
  • The silicone interior helps absorb shocks and revitalizes muscles through micro massages.
  • The front zip offers maximum comfort and freedom to the rib cage. The locking head does not slip.