UR2 V2 Compression Calf sleeves White

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Ideal for those who like to go long in hot conditions. Every centimeter of the fiber is loaded with thousands of capsules containing six essential oils renowned for their soothing and relaxing virtues. Make the most of the dual action compression microcaps to boost your performance even further.

UR2v2 are the first to boast the new “micro-encapsulated textile” technology. Millions of microcapsules of ORGANIC essential oils are embedded in the textile regularly releasing their active ingredients onto your legs. The gradual compression associated with the encapsulated essential oils is the new winning dual action to ensure well-being to your legs.


Every movement triggers a micro massage providing well-being and lightness Patented fiber


The 360° compression dampens the “shock wave” effect on muscles, veins, and joints.


Your COMPRESSPORT® do not retain water and will remain featherlight in all conditions.


You will feel it immediately. A feeling of well-being, lightness, and strength surrounding your legs from the ankle to the groin. It will accelerate venous return preventing blood from stagnating in calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps, therefore, making your legs feel ultra light.


In regular use, COMPRESSPORT ® is tear proof.