Full Leg Sleeves

Full Leg Compression


The CompresSport F-Like full leg compression sleeve applies the benefits of compression to assist in training and recovery.
(Leg Sleeves sold in pairs)

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The Compressport F-Like full leg compression sleeve applies the benefits of compression to assist in training and recovery. Its uni-fit design optimizes the knee position, which is ideal for track, road, trail running and cycling. This full leg compression sleeve comes in a variety of specific sizes to ensure the perfect compression fit and to prevent slippage during intense effort. Wear it as a leg warmer in autumn, winter and spring or under shorts for maximum recovery in the summer after full-on training or racing sessions.

Compression Sleeves

Inspired by medical compression, Compressport's exclusive full leg compression sleeves are designed to enhance pressure on the muscles, accelerating the flow of blood, allowing oxygen to reach the muscles and eliminate toxins quickly. The results? A speedy recovery for back-to-back exercise and prevention of delayed onset muscle soreness and edema.


Compression calf area 14-28, knee +/- 0, Thigh 5-10 mm Hg.


Compression Benefits


  • Faster recovery due to enhanced blood flow and oxygenation.
  • Reduced muscle soreness.
  • Faster muscle warm-up.
  • Reduced muscle oscillation to lower fatigue
  • Reduced long-term injuries.
  • Greater power output.

Functional Characteristics


  • Recovery: Compression is ideal for eliminating muscle & joint pain. Compression also eliminates lactic acid for reduced muscle soreness and enhanced recovery.
  • Compression Weave: Special circular weave ensuring excellent pressure distribution every cm2 of lower body.
  • Massaging Fiber: Comprised of exclusive Compressport fiber for softness, micro massaging effect, and ultra comfort.
  • Recovery: Accelerates venous return preventing blood from stagnating in calves, ischia and quadriceps therefore making your legs feel ultra light.
  • Ultra Light: Remains ultra light whether wet or dry.
  • Keeps You Cool: Optimum inside and out heat exchange, with enhanced perspiration evacuation.
  • Anti-Fatigue: The perfect compression fit for shock and vibration absorption for anti-fatigue.



65% Polyamide, 30% Lycra, 5% Polyester



100% made in Europe.

220 Triathlon Best on Test.

2-Year Guarantee

All Compressport products come with 2-year manufacturer's guarantee.

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